Disk Access Time

$\text{Access Time} = \underbrace{\text{Seek Time} + \text{Rotational Latency}}_\text{OS can optimize this} + \text{Transfer Time}$ An …

Disk Scheduling



Flash Translation Layer

Hard Disk Drives - Overheads

Hard Disk Drives Basics

Solid State Drive - Basics

Types of persistent storage

Wear Leveling


The bwt can be read off of the last column of all sorted text rotations of a given text $T$. Let $n\in\mathbb{N}$, then we define …

Horspool Algorithm

Let's checkout Horspool's algorithm for pattern matching in strings. Say we have a pattern P of length m and also say that we know the …


First things first: I want to make clear that I did not come up with this. However, I got inspired by Antony Polukhin, who gave a talk …