My Programming Projects


  • hx-lang (working title) Custom programming language written in C++. Also includes a virtual machine.
  • anyseq An FPGA mapping for sequence alignment in both C++ and Impala.

Old university projects

  • cccc A subset C compiler in C++. Implements a few optimizations such as SCCP.
  • rt A simple raytracer in C++ to render pseudo-realistic images. Just the basic things, including ray marching for nice fog effects.
  • asa A genome sequence assembler in C++ to construct genome sequences from many short sequence read by a sequencing machine.
  • Some extensions to the classic pintos operating system in C, e.g. caching of filesystem calls, user program threads, etc.


  • my An interpreter for the simple call-by-value lambda calculus in C++.
  • unitpp Compile-Time extensions for C++ to support unit types, i.e. kilograms or volt.
  • bfc An interpreter for the brainf*ck programming language written in C++.
Some way too old projects

(ask me for the source if interested, don't expect it to be pretty. This is stuff from my teens)

  • Raycasting library so that you can write your own Wolfenstein 3D.
  • Tupper library to convert pictures to y-intercepts of the tupper function and vice-versa.
  • Several unfinished game engines
Matthis Kruse
Masters Student

My research interests include programming languages and compilers.